Artist Guidelines and Logistics

Volunteers work to put on the Festival, but there would be no festival without the artists. The artists are the stars of this show. The people come to see the artists, and that is what this event is all about. It’s about the creative process. It’s about the artistic merit and value of creating a painting. And it’s about the spectators becoming a part of the creative process.

As artists participating in La Bella Strada, please consider these guidelines and logistics:

  • You will be reproducing works of art in large-scale format directly on the sidewalks of Mount Vernon Avenue.
    Always be courteous to your street-painting neighbors. Share your chalk and supplies with your fellow street painters.
  • Remember to return all unused chalk to the Artist Table as “unauthorized” street painting can be a problem.
    Pastels are the medium. Only chalk/pastels in a solid form may be used. Absolutely NO other materials of any kind may be used.
  • No political or commercial advertisements or statements, written, visual or implied are permitted.
    The Street Painting Festival organizers reserve the right to deem any subject matter as inappropriate. Non-compliance with any of the rules will result in immediate removal from the festival.
  • Keep your space clean and visible at all times. Festival hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and your painting must be visible to the public during that time.
  • Always keep in mind that the viewers are a part of your creative process. Interaction with them is part of the fun!
    And most importantly …

Honor thy sponsor

Artists provide the visual excitement, but sponsors provide the financial support for the festival. As a sign of appreciation to festival sponsors, a sponsor name will appear above your street painting. It will be applied during the festival on Saturday. It must always be visible, readable, and clean throughout the festival.

When you arrive at the festival

  • You will check in at the Artist’s Table at in the Bean Creative field at 2213 Mt. Vernon Avenue. Check-in opens at 8:30 a.m. Note: This is a different location from last year.
  • We will give you one box of Prang Freart artist-grade chalk, cardboard to kneel on, surgical gloves, foam/cloth for blending, paper towels, spray bottle with water.
  • We will direct you to the square you’ll be painting which will be marked off with blue painters tape.
  • It’s now up to your artistic talents! We will have volunteers who can help you when you need more or different chalk, water, etc.
  • After you complete your painting, you can tear off the tape leaving a nice clean border around your painting.

Helpful hints for a better street painting

  • Some artists actually “frame” or embellish the border of their painting, which can enhance your finished work.
  • Use a piece of flat corrugated cardboard to “scoot” around on while working on your painting so as not to smudge your work.
  • Surgical gloves are great to use while drawing, and small pieces of foam or cloth are great to use for blending your pastels and softening your drawing techniques.
  • A little chalk goes a long way. When you check in, you will be given ONE box of chalk per street painting space, regardless of the size of your space. Most first-time street painters are amazed at how little chalk they actually use to complete a drawing so large. If you need additional chalk or certain colors of chalk, you can either share with your street painting neighbor, come to the Artist’s Table for more chalk, or find a volunteer to get some for you.
  • Always remember to return any chalk that you are not using to the Artist’s Table.
  • Refreshments and snacks will be brought to you throughout the festival. Also please be aware that there is no designated artist’s parking.

The festival is free to the public and open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Please join us at Del Ray Artisans following the event for a happy hour from 4-6!