Whether you are new to chalk as a paint medium or just want to fine-tune your skills, we invite you to participate in our Street Chalk Painting Workshop with Patrick Kirwin on April 29, 2017 from 4-5:30 p.m. In this 1.5-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn techniques of street chalk drawing:

  • How to sketch out your design on the sidewalk and enlarge and image with a grid.
  • Drawing techniques and color theory.
  • How to spread out colors with water for backgrounds and large areas and how to blend colors.
  • Various tools for manipulating the chalk to result in different outcomes.
  • How to do simple 3-D anamorphic illusions. For examples of very complex illusions by street artists, see http://www.boredpanda.com/5-most-talented-3d-sidewalk-chalk-artists/

Patrick Kirwin was one of our featured artists at La Bella Strada 2016 and will return as a featured artist at this year’s event. He currently teaches at the Alexandria Art League and has taught at The Corcoran College and the Smithsonian Institution. Specializing in Trompe L’oeil, he has completed large commercial projects, as well as the interiors of many small shops, private wine cellars, and residential murals. Space is limited to 10 students.

The 1.5-hour workshop costs $20.